With new times come new crimes; these are the stories of the men and women of the Heightened Crimes Investigation Unit, tasked with the investigation of all mutant-related crime.

We’ll be using a format similar to the one suggested in this post to format the adventure logs; in summary:

  • Regular text is basic description, whether by the Narrator or the player.
  • Bold-face text reveals when an ability is being invoked/used in play.
  • Italics are edits added in by the Narrator to reveal the response to such actions or to insert new information.
  • Dialogue is handled like a stage play, but the name of the person should link to their character page, and we include quotation marks for clarity.
  • Ellipses (...) mark where players should enter text
  • (Fixed case inside parentheses) indicate meta-commentary—questions, suggestions, things like that. This will probably be removed later, when the question is resolved. (Use @ at the beginning and end.)

Coffee, Casefiles and Quade

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