Detective Greg Stevens

Former Vice/Narcotics Detective, driven by his brother's death



Forensic Accounting 2
Languages 2 Spanish, Russian
Law 2
Bullshit Detector 3
Cop Talk 2
Forensic Psychology 2
Interrogation 1
Intimidation 2
Negotiation 2
Streetwise 3
Chemistry 2
Document Analysis 1
Electronic Surveillance 3
Evidence Collection 4
Fingerprinting 1
Athletics 10
Driving 2 truck
Health 11
Infiltration 6
Scuffling 8
Sense Trouble 2
Shooting 12
Stability 10

Mutant Powers

Thermal Vision 1
X-Ray Vision 1
Kinetic Energy Dispersal 13
Light Blast 4
Light Control 8

Detective Greg Stevens is 36 years old and has been a cop for 15 years. His family had no history of police work, but when a friend of his died of a drug overdose (or drugs cut with dangerous stuff) at high school, Greg decided he wanted to do something about cleaning up the city. Greg has spent a lot of time on the Vice squad, and in Narcotics, and is very good at that kind of work.

Greg’s younger brother, Tommy, followed his much older brother into the police force, joining 10 years after Greg. Tommy died within a few years on the force (not fully explained). Greg feels responsible for the death of his brother.

Following Tommy’s death, Greg wanted to join Homicide, to start busting the kind of dirtbags who killed his brother. Unfortunately his skill set does not really suit homicide, so Greg leveraged his powers (gained since joining, and not often used) to join the HCIU, where he hopes to get involved in more important crimes, to vindicate his brothers death on the force (make his death seem more worth while).

Detective Greg Stevens

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